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I have been using Cal Court Forms for a few months now, having changed over to this vendor rather than pay increased Legal Solutions costs for its new forms program. Now that I am familiar with the environment of CCF I find the program extremely convenient and wish to share with you.

CalCourtForms™ is a complete online legal forms solution that lets you share editable forms with anyone, whether they are across the globe or just across the hall. CalCourtForms frees your data and lets you share it seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat Reader. There is no software to buy and nothing else to install. Our fillable Judicial Council, Secretary of State and Local County, Federal and Bankruptcy forms are free to all.

QuickSave + QuickPDF = Free Forms Workstation
Our QuickSave and QuickPDF features turns your computer into free, online forms workstation (see system requirements). Just click the QuickSave or QuickPDF button on any form to instantly save your data or create a flattened PDF on your own computer. Working with PDF forms and PDF form data (FDF) doesn't get any easier than this.

Cross-Platform Windows, iMac and Linux - It's your choice
Whether you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox on Windows, Safari on iMac, or Firefox on Linux, CalCourtForms gives you true cross-platform compatibility. CalCourtForms works with Windows, Mac and Linux. So you can use a PC at work, Linux at home and your Mac on the go - the choice is yours. Your forms workstation is wherever you are and on whatever platform you're using.

Professional Features - Just $15
For just $15/month, CalCourtForms delivers the advanced features legal professionals and power users expect to find in a desktop forms program - and so much more. Compare your current desktop forms program and save!

One-click updates of captions and common case information
MyForms - Advanced online forms manager keeps your forms and cases organized
My Favorite Forms - Create multiple lists of your most often used forms
Proof of Service wizard creates proofs of service with just a few clicks
Create Service Lists for each case
Supports multiple cases, multiple form versions and form templates
Set passwords to control access to PDFs
Combine and Merge multiple forms into a single or multiple PDFs
Upload your PDF documents and combine them with other PDFs
Download multiple zipped forms
Real-time, encrypted backup of user data to Amazon S3
Password security, encrypted server-side data, and 128 bit SSL encryption
Advanced Form Features
Advanced search features including Google Enterprise site search
Always current - no maintenance or updating required
Rapid support on a form-by-form basis
Compatible with Acrobat Reader, Full, and Professional.
Share your forms and editable data with anyone
Work anywhere
Store your forms and data anywhere
3 standard court typefaces - Courier, Helvetica and Times
Type size choices from 8pt to 13pt, including autofit
4 way form field highlighting

How It Works
CalCourtForms works with Acrobat form data. There's no need to exchange large PDF documents. A small packet of data is all it takes to deliver a ready-to-edit form to your recipient. When you're done sharing, CalCourtForms lets you create and send a ready-to-file PDF document that can be flattened and password protected.

Professional Class Support
We support our forms, our application and our development platform. All of our forms and classes are thoroughly designed, tested and approved before publication. We constantly strive to make our forms the best they can be. We welcome your feedback and respond quickly to customer requests, suggestions and problems. Our form building technology lets us edit, re-build and re-deploy a form quickly, in as little as just a few minutes. There's no need to wait weeks or months for updates.

Streamlines Forms Workflow
CalCourtForms streamlines forms workflow by opening up new avenues of collaboration among lawyers, staff, clients, courts and self-represented parties. Work anywhere, collaborate everywhere. Isn't this what you've been waiting for?

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