Sunday, January 10, 2010

E-Filing Eliminates Hassles/Delays

Clients do not always understand that it takes time to file documents, particularly if you file documents in courts in other areas of the country. E-file allows for almost instant filing and return of your court documents. The cost is minimal and certainly can be passed on to your clients. I offer my clients the advantage of e-filing over US Mail or delivery by runner. It's their choice if they wish to pay the cost. Sometimes, sending documents to the court through the mail delays filings and I have even had documents lost in the mail! This can result in an unhappy client.

I sent a dissolution to Ventura Superior Court last night (Saturday) and it will be filed first thing Monday with instant access to the filed documents. The cost was $15 for the e-filing, $12 service charge, plus the actual filing fee. Total cost: $382.00. Cost to me: ZERO The cost of the client's happiness: PRICELESS!

Client satisfaction is just one of the benefits of e-filing. Filing cases electronically reduces the cost of filing, eliminating much of the paper handling involved, and allows the courts to function more efficiently. In addition,'s electronic filing process makes it possible for documents to be submitted to the courts twenty-four hours a day from any location with Internet access.

Of course, you should check the local rules to make certain that e-filing is allowed at a particular court. You can check directly court rules directly on the e-file website. One day soon, e-filing is sure to be the only method of filing in all courts.

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