Monday, September 7, 2009

It's "Official" - Amendments Have Been Incorporated into the Proposed AB 590

As promised, AB 590 has been formally amended to our satisfaction. The objectionable proposed sections 6159.52(b) and 6159.52(c) have been stricken in their entirety, as of September 4, 2009 (the last day for amendments). These two proposed subsections would have effectively outlawed self-help legal service providers; so this is a tremendous victory for the LDA profession.

On behalf of all LDAs and the consumers we serve, I extend my heartfelt thanks for all of you who contributed to the effort to ensure the availability of a variety of low-cost legal services for the consumers who so desperately need our help, and of course the continued livelihood of LDAs throughout the state.

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Kat said...

Dear Suzanne, As your President, I applaud you! Seriously though, I am delighted that the Judiciary responded so quickly to ALDAP's communications concerning the proposed legislation. During a time when we are less than delighted with our government, our legislators prove deserving of our esteem.