Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hawaii Supreme Court Decides NOT to Implement Overly-Broad Definition of "Practice of Law"; Proposal Would Have Banned Non-Attorney Document Preparers

The following email was sent to ALDAP by Betty Marais, who operates Legal-EZ, a legal document service in Hawaii. The good news concerns the Hawaii State Bar's attempt to broaden the definition of the "practice of law," which would have prohibited Betty and other legal document preparers from operating their businesses. ALDAP has been monitoring this process and spoken out against setting such a dangerous precedent that could negatively affect all non-attorney legal document preparers, as well as the entire access-to-justice movement. We salute all who joined in this important battle!

GOOD NEWS!! To all of my ardent supporters: we have finally received word from the Supreme Court - and after some delay, I got a copy of the letter which says basically - that the Justices have decided to 'table' the proposal (unauthorized practice of law) with no immediate plans for further consideration.

It seems that Legal-EZ has been given a 'reprieve' from the 'powers that be' who wish to limit OR eliminate your ability to hire services, like my company, to assist you in the preparation of your simple legal documents !! I thank you ALL for support, letters, and emails - I really would not have been able to make this happen without your support. I will remain diligent to make sure nothing like this happens again and if it does, we will be prepared.

Thank you and aloha,

Betty Marais
Legal Document Preparation Services
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Honolulu, HI 96814
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