Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sacramento County Public Law Library Offers MCLE Course on Appellate Law (Emphasis in Family Law)

Appellate Law MCLE Credits: 1

Date: 03/04/11 Start Time: 2:30 PM End Time: 3:30 PM

Registration: $45.00

After receiving a final order in a client's case, challenging that decision or working to uphold the decision requires a thorough understanding of the Appellate Law process. This presentation will cover appellate law with an emphasis on appeals in the family law context. Topics will include appellate jurisdiction, i.e., when is an order appealable and what types of orders are appealable; the function of appellate courts; procedures and time frames; standards of review; and costs, which may vary depending upon the number of issues appealed, the complexity of the issues, the length of the trial court's record and the hearing transcript. You will learn how to identify important factors to represent your client in an appellate proceeding.

813 Sixth Street, 1st Floor, Sacramento, CA
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