Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trim Your Advertising Budget…And Increase Your Response!

Don’t make the same costly mistakes so many LDAs (and small businesses in all industries) make – that yellow pages sales rep does not necessarily know about advertising and marketing strategy; he knows how to get you to part with your hard-earned money! However, a well-crafted marketing message can increase your response so you may even be able to trim that marketing budget. Throwing more money at an ineffective ad will not generate more business, it just leaves a hole in your wallet.

Log on to ALDAP’s discussion group to learn the most powerful, productive, and efficient way to generate profitable responses from your advertising. This article is specifically written for lawyers by a lawyer marketing expert, and is chock-full of tips, ideas and strategy for marketing legal services of all types.

  • 7 essential links in your advertising chain
  • 5 inflated claims newspaper and magazine sales reps use to confuse, and 10 facts to set the record straight
  • The 2 most important terms in radio and television advertising
  • How the yellow page sales reps can almost certainly “improve your ad” by throwing more money at another long-term contract – but will it really improve your bottom line?
  • How to avoid the expensive pitfalls of internet advertising

Note: the discussion group is also where you can find The Pleading Vault and other helpful resources. If you are an ALDAP member and haven’t joined the group, log on today! If you aren’t an ALDAP member, join us and take part in the discussion.

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